Feature Designer

One simple way to add bulk to a necklace is to use multiple strands. Then add a few twists to conjure up an elegant design. Pearl necklaces turn out beautifully using this trick.

One designer with a gift of twisting gems to perfection is Julianna who has been selling her jewelry mostly in galleries along the eastern US for 10 years. Here is her newly crafted seven, yes SEVEN, stranded necklace using beautiful pearls of different hues - whites, peachy pinks, greys all blending in with two strand of small round and chunkier discs of green new jade or serpentine. She uses not only colours that go well together but also effectively varies the sizes and shapes of the beads she uses.

But there is more to Juliana than just jewelry. She is one of the artisans involved with BuildaNest, a non-profit organisation that gives out micro-credit loans to women in the developing world so that they can start a sustainable craft-based business and better their lives.

For more information about her necklaces and the non-profit organisation, Juliana welcomes emails : julianascreations@yahoo.com. Her other designs can also be viewed on her blog, naturally called Juliana's Creations.