Feature Designer

Coralsal is a jewelry designer who comes from Alexandria, Egypt. She is a fine arts enthusiast. A true artisan, she says it best - "My art goes from heart to hand". As she lives right next to the Mediterranean Sea, her designs are not surprisingly influenced by the ever changing sea.

Taking her cue from the rolling waves and sea foam, she created this free form turquoise necklace made up of a large central turquoise gemstone framed with elaborately coiled silver wire and smaller round turquoise beads, reminiscent of crashing waves along the sea shore. The rest of the necklace consists of flat oval turquoise punctuated with two smaller clusters of silver wire coils and turquoise beads.

You can see the original and larger Flickr photo here and whilst you are there, you can browse through her other pictures of her free-form style of jewelry design.

Picture with kind permission from Coralsal.