Tammy loves making her own jewelry because she gets to make it the way she likes it - eclectic, asymmetrical and truly one of a kind! I am positive there is no other like it on this planet just as Tammy intended.

Gemstone donuts are usually added as pendants, or so I thought. Well, Tammy clearly demonstrated there is always a first time for everything. The picture jasper gemstone donuts were the anchors her chandelier earrings. Green copper-framed window beads and flat dark purple square beads added the colour punches to her design. Oval copper and clear window beads were also added. Round pinkish shell discs were the final dangles to this unusual pair of earrings.

With all the colours she used - browns, pink, purple, greens - nature-loving Tammy has subconsciously chosen the natural hues of a rock garden!

Beader design #: 213