When I put the pictures of these three sweet earring designs together, I kept humming the tune "Three Little Maids" from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, "The Mikado"! These are dainty little earrings were all made from members of the same extended family. I thought they collectively illustrated some easy ways to design hoop earrings. Beginners may wish to note some placement tips.

Stringing beads
Using either wire hoops formed around a suitable round object or bought findings, beads can easily be strung, partway around the hoop or even all the way around. The seed beads and metal flower beads used by Christy were just right. Longer beads like bugles or tubes cannot be used due to the curvature of the hoops.

Adding dangles
Dangles can also be added. Taylor's natural coloured heart-shaped shell beads dangled such that the hoop itself had to be hung from an additional jump ring so that the earrings faced forward. Thus better placed to be admired!

Sideway Hoops
Madison strung her pretty pink shell hearts through the top drilled holes. She also added clear seed beads before and after the hearts. In this case, the hoop were attached directly onto the earwires so that only the hearts faced forwards. The hoops would thus be viewed as full circles only from the side.

Beader Designs #: 223-225