Cathy is one of the extremely fortunate women who can wear pretty well any colour. It is hard not to be jealous!

Despite having so many colour possibilities, Cathy did not have any trouble choosing a bright turquoise as her main jewelry design colour. The decision was easy as she planned to wear an outfit just that shade the next day and could also show off her creation at the same time.

The large round beads at the top of each dangle are desert sun beads - the top coating has been deliberately cracked to resemble parched earth. She teamed those with silver filigree balls and other turquoise beads including lightly coloured millefiore beads.

Cathy experimented with just one metal feather on the middle dangles and then went the whole way. She joked that she must have been a Indian princess in another life. But in THIS life, she really is the Queen of the local Red Hat Society! A fitting design for someone who loves colour and shows such "joie de vivre"!

Beader Design # : 257