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Lady Roots is a beadweaving artisan whom I've featured before. She writes a delightful blog from her Jamaican home. Since we visited her last, she has gotten over her internet woes. Now she can concentrate on blog updating and housekeeping. So if things look a little odd there for the next while or as they say in Jamaica "tings dem a look chaka-chaka", you'll know why.

Like all artisans, she has a great eye for colour and design possibilities. Pictured here is her bracelet made from her business suit buttons when she gave up the corporate life. The suits are gone but her bracelet reminds her of what she does not miss. She also created a cuff bracelet from a cardboard core hidden under many layers of red, gold and copper lacquer and decorated with aquarium glass. A modern design from as she says, humble beginnings.

She extols the virtues of recycling for by reusing, we will help reduce landfill waste and save resources. I agree with her; our children deserve a better world. Bless up, Lady Roots and thanks for sharing this photo from your blog post.

Inspiring Recycled Jewelry on the Web

Vling makes pins, earrings, pendants and even Christmas ornaments from old vinyl records and not just in black. Some of the designs are perfect for Halloween like the black cats and spiders. showcases the amazing range of jewelry (mostly ) made from recycled high tech components by a gifted artisan, Stewart Webb who is dyslexic and loves taking things apart.

TechnaCessories is a jewelry line developed by Marion Martinez from discarded circuit boards. Her jewelry is mostly limited to pins and bolo ties. Her circuit board art for walls is exquisite.

Indigo Dreams has a macrame bracelet made with a USB memory stick which works as the clasp!!! And computer keys all linked together as a bracelet. sells a range of gifts made from recycled, reused and natural materials. In their jewelry for women section, there are rings made from typewriter keys, bangles from vinyl records and even watch face bracelets. Their cuff links are also typewriter keys - "Shift Key" and "Back Space"!

Re-Cycled Accessories lives up to its name. The jewelry is made from bike parts and is designed by cyclists!

Recycled Jewelry Contest Winners in Louisiana include an excellent pin design made by Ann Knox from a metal washer, clock parts and chain.

Uncommon features Kathleeen Plate's amber glass and sterling silver jewelry.

Christie Fisher makes beautiful jewelry from recycled glass.

Great Green Goods shows simple but colourful bangles made from shopping bags and shampoo bottles combined with silver and gold.

Recycled Jewelry series


  1. Sistren Pearl,

    Peaceful greetings from Jamaica!

    Again, I express humble thanks for your posts about my creations.

    Many of your readers link over to my page (found that out from Google Analytics) and I do appreciate the traffic. I am still working to build my readership.

    Thanks for turning me on to Indigo Dreams. I admire her ability to turn techno-trash into items of beauty.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

  2. It is a pleasure writing about you and your blog!

  3. Hi, hi! Just thought your readers, particularly the Recycled Jewelry Artists, might like to know about a Jewelry Design Contest over at Come bring your creative edge and see if you have the winning design! Good luck! :)



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