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You can see why British-born and New York-raised actress Mischa Barton has made an impression in the fashion and beauty world and has been featured in numerous advertising campaigns.

She is not only beautiful but she also has style. The picture shows her wearing a necklace on her back - a different and elegant touch to her evening gown. I've also seen necklaces worn this way on Paris fashion runway pictures. It's something to think about as jewelry artisans - designing something for the back rather than the front. I can see a long crystal based lariat necklace gracing a deep V backed evening gown. Can you?

IMD biography : Mischa Barton
The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. Maybe for someone who doesn't mind drawing attention to their backsides! Not for me. :)

  2. You've got to have flawless skin and a beautiful back and with stunning jewelry, perhaps gazes won't wander down to the posterior region!


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