Galactic Inspirations
A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust and gases. Nebulae are often places where such matter cluster together to form large masses which in turn become stars.

The Nebula Collection by Drown (no longer available) is sure to leave you starry eyed. These digital print designs are handmade using acrylic, resin, onyx and black metal. The designer behind the collection is Alicia Hannah Naomi who is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Solar System Inspiration
Laura Cesari's necklace (no longer available) has beads which represent not just the planets in our solar system but the relative distances between them. The 75 inch "astronomical chart" necklace worn in three loops is described by Laura as a decorative cosmogram.  This is an amazing piece of work as she has designed the necklace such that each bead represents approximately 20 million miles of space. She also cheekily adds, "Not for use in actual space navigation!"

Meteorite Ring
Jewelry by Johan on Artfire makes the most awesome rings but one of his designs is really cool because he uses inlaid meteorite (no longer available). That's right, the ring is made from shooting stars which didn't quite burn up in our atmosphere and landed on earth.

Meteorites originate from outer space.  The particular meteorite he used in this ring is called the muonionalusta meteorite which was the first of its kind found in Sweden in 1906. Most meteorites are stony. This one is rare because it is an iron meteorite and one with beautiful etch patterns. Contributing to its scarcity is the fact muonionalusta meteorites are typically found in the Artic circle and thus difficult to find. Also according to Johan, most specimens are found in museums so it is uncommon to have it on the market. As it is iron, rust treatment is carried out for the ring.

Mars Inspirations
Late last year and earlier this year, NASA scientists have found compelling evidence that there was once life on Mars. They based their findings on unusual microscopic (bacterial) fossils in meteorites from Mars.

Wire Runs Through It on Artfire (no longer available) was so inspired by the discovery and the hues of the Red Planet`s rocks as captured on video, a 24 piece polymer clay and wire jewelry collection has been planned. Some of his meticulously created designs are shown here. The beautiful iridescent colors remind me of opal.

He describes the process, “The clays used are, metallic gold, translucent and metallic copper. I have been experimenting with blending translucent into my clays to add depth. After the clays have been blended they are mica shifted and then the mica particles are manipulated, to achieve a highly reflective quality.“

Other science inspired jewelry :
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