As you can see, I love featuring as many talented artisans as possible on my blog. So many have become friends and part of this wonderful community of handmade jewelry designers.

You can contact me at :

Here is what I am looking for and what to expect:

  • The tutorial must be jewelry related and free.  Tip - even if you do paid tutorials, it's worth doing the odd freebie to encourage visitors.
  •  It needn't be yours - perhaps you just like to share an awesome one you found that I haven't seen. So send me the URL. You get a credit link in the resulting post.
  • Tutorials with step-by-step photos are preferable.Tip - write it so another person can repeat what you did.  A photo is worth a thousand words, remember? Tutorials without any photographs will not be accepted.
  • Reasonably good photos. We're not talking National Geographic quality -  just clear shots. Close-ups as necessary.
  • One representative photo will be used and a link to the tutorial will be included.
  • Being original works wonders. Tutorials very similar to those I have already featured will not be included.  Check my Jewelry Making Tips and Jewelry Business Tips for the back posts or search my blog.  There may be 50 ways to leave your lover but only 4 ways to search my blog!
  • Tutorials will generally appear in a review post either featured by themselves or clustered with others.
  • It may be a while before you see your tutorial.
  • I cannot promise posting notifications.  So check back often or better yet, subscribe for free
  • If you have been featured, I would really appreciate a  blog link, shout out (Facebook, Twitter, blog) or the use of a Featured button available here

I occasionally get asked if I accept guest posts and I certainly do! It is yet another way for you to promote your site.
  • only articles by writers/bloggers with direct and personal experience with crafting, jewelry and jewelry making will be considered. 
  • Must be jewelry related and of interest to readers most of whom are handmade jewelry makers.  Posts offering practical advice, fresh ideas, innovative techniques, tutorials, tips and tricks are some of the most popular types people like to see. General jewelry topics are not accepted.
  • Must be original and exclusive to The Beading Gem's Journal. It must not be published anywhere else.
  • Must have at least one image to illustrate the post. More if it is a tutorial guest post.
  • A short author byline (1-2 sentences) with 1-2 links will appear at the beginning of the post. All guest post links are NOFOLLOW.
  • External links are allowed in the post if they are relevant to the content. 
  • Organize your post with subheadings in bold or use bullets.
  •  There is no limit on post length  -  but remember, quality trumps quantity!
  • All guest posts will be edited but usually only lightly - typo corrections, title changes and some formatting are typical. If something needs clarification, I will consult with the author on how we can make it clearer for the reader.  Please do not be offended if changes are made - they are necessary for consistency, readability and to make a guest post successful.
  • Not every guest post suggestion will be accepted.  The most likely reason is the topic has been covered before.  So check my archives or contact me with suggestions before you spend too much time crafting your post.  Other reasons include irrelevancy and quality issues.
  • Guest post writers will be notified when their post publishes.

    Not keen on writing tutorials or guest posts?  Then email me an inspirational design for my Reader Gallery. These are links to specific handmade designs in your store or your blog.


    Want to do a giveaway instead? It's another wonderful way to introduce readers to you. Again, contact me! See here for past giveaway posts. I include a spotlight on your store.