Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Make a Viking Knit Bezel for Cabochon Tutorial

There are different ways to create the bezel around cabochons - those glass or gemstone focals without any holes. I particularly like the Viking knit bezel because it is relatively easier than using traditional wire wrapping techniques, not to mention less wire. You only need the thicker wire for forming the frame behind the cabochon and possibly the bail if you are also making that yourself.

free jewelry making tutorial

Shown above is my pendant design for a fiber optic cat's eye cabochon.

The basic video tutorial is by instructor Camille Sharon.  Some examples of the different ways to design wire frames as well the bail options are shown at the end.  If you have trouble forming even loops at the beginning, try using a bail forming pliers or even a knitting needle. The pliers though are easier as you can also grip the wire with it.

free jewelry making tutorial

It also helps to keep an eye on the position of the frame as it may move off center as you are busy working on it. Been there, done that!

The instructor also covers the net weaving alternative where the knots are in the middle of the wire strands. Either way is pretty. I prefer the Viking knit because it is easier to secure the knots in place. But really, it's your choice!

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Kokopelli said...

How freaking cool is that? I once taught VK classes and people came up with new ideas, but that is something I haven't seen.

Pearl Blay said...

The Viking knit is very versatile. I've seen it used for dreamcatchers too!

Pearl Blay said...

I have corrected the coding for the link to the video. Thanks to a reader!

Kokopelli said...

Yes, I once made a pair of dreamcatcher earrings with VK. They were so cute and delicate!

alankarshilpa said...

Great tutorial and thanks for sharing, Pearl. Will try it soon. Dita.

Cari Baker said...

Fascinating and quiet interesting tutorial. When I get some free time, I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks Pearl!


Heather OCain said...

Great video! I must try this now, thanks!

Dionne said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I want to feature this one day in our blog as well. thanks

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