Cathy used arrowhead hematite beads to frame some round hematite and glass beads as a focal point in her gemstone necklace. She used jasper chips and tubes for the main part of the design. Great use of different shapes of beads!

I have many types of jasper including brecciated jasper, autumn, red jasper, ocean jasper, picture jasper - all of these will capture the eyes of those of you who love earth tones. The jaspers stand out because they are natural looking and rarely are of uniform colour with a wide range of patterns.

Hematite is the workhorse of jewelry design. Many beaders like to use them to complement the coloured gemstones so I keep many shapes of hematite in stock. This form of reconstituted hematite is actually called hemalyke - more about this in another post!

I also have small glass beads that mimic the lustre of hematite so much so that the colour is often called "gunmetal".
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