What could be more satisfying than creating your own own one-of-a-kind jewelry exactly how you like it or for a special someone? The jewelry will have the colours and unique combination that please and flatter you as well as matches your outfits. They will be at the length that fits just so. We are all built differently. You save money (especially with the gemstones) as you are your own designer and manufacturer rolled into one! And you have great fun doing it!

I bring everything - I have a large selection of beads, gemstones, and jewelry findings - but the kitchen sink - to your home for a private beading party. No previous experience is required. I provide helpful tips and guidance and do all the fiddly finishing for you. And yes, everyone takes home what you make the very same day. Those who are interested in this increasingly popular hobby are encouraged to watch how the finishing is done. There is no charge for instruction - beaders pay only for whatever they wish to make, with discounts for multiple projects. There are also hostess incentives. Finished jewelry and limited beading supplies are also on display and for sale.

The hostess invites her friends and family - 8-10 is recommended. Beading with a crowd is a lot of fun as everyone enjoys seeing what others are making. Beading is usually done on the kitchen/dining table. I can bring an additional folding table and chairs if needed. Some hostesses may have the space for quite a few beaders. In that case, I co-instruct with my friend, Widget's Beads. Girls aged 9/10 and up are very welcome to join in and bead from the adult collection. Please email me for further information if you think there might be younger children coming. Have men and boys ever come? Not very many, but still a YES!

Cleaning your house is not necessary! Once the beading starts, everyone will be too focused on creating their jewelry designs to notice ;-). Your guests though will appreciate some drinks and light refreshment to munch on while waiting for others to arrive and to refuel during the afternoon.

So please email me if you are interested in hosting a party or if you need further information. Bookings are a few months in advance so book early if you have a specific date in mind. The best time is Sunday afternoon from 1-5 pm athough if Saturday works for you then it's fine by me. Evenings are not recommended as good daylight is best for viewing and selecting coloured beads and gemstones. Also those itty-bitty seedbeads can be a tad hard to see!

Alas, I can only offer this party service to Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounds.
The Beading Gem's Journal
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