1. Diamonds have been the most desired gemstone throughout history.

2. The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek adamas which means unconquerable or invincible.

3. Numerous supernatural powers were credited to diamonds through the centuries including giving the wearer courage and invincibility, spiritual ecstasy and even sexual prowess. Kings and warriors wore diamonds on their armour into battle because they believed they were made unconquerable. It was also worn as a talisman against evil at a time when bad spirits were thought be the cause of sickness.

4. Indian artisans were the first to discover the gemstone potential about 2500 years ago and were probably the first gemstone industry to regulate its production. Today diamonds are the most heavily mined of all the gemstones with the supply controlled by a diamond cartel.

5. Approximately half of the world's gem diamonds in terms of value come from Africa that are either owned or co-owned by De Beers.

6. Today, De Beers sorts and sells ALL rough diamonds as well as controls the marketing of cut diamonds for the entire diamond industry.

7. Diamonds are not rare (although the really large ones are). The reason why they command such high prices is pure marketing.

8. Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral known to man - making it very durable particularly for rings. If you scratch one with another stone, it will always scratch all the other gemstones. On the Mohs scale, diamonds are 10, with all the other gemstones below it. This does not mean it is shatter-proof!! It will chip or break if you strike one with a hammer. This will be a very costly experiment so I doubt anyone would try that.

9. Diamonds come in all sorts of colours although the most colourless is the most valued. Coloured diamonds were even classified by Hindus into four castes. Red and yellow diamonds were strictly for royalty.

10. Did you know that the anagram for DIAMONDS is MAIDS NOD? How appropriate.


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