Tanzanite is the most famous species of zoisite and extraordinary because it is a recent discovery (1967) and there is only one source of it. As the name suggests, this gemstone is only found in Tanzania and nowhere else. Here is a short video clip on the tanzanite mine.

The deep blue varieties rival sapphires and indeed large tanzanite gemstones are more affordable than large sapphires. Other colour variations include the violet-blues and even lavenders which I most often see in the mall jewelry stores. An intense blue stone will be valued the highest.

There is much hype that supplies of tanzanite could run out but there is actually lots of it. So the term "rare" in this case means it's only found in one spot not because it is limited in quantity. One never knows, another source may be found in the future! Regardless, it is a beautiful gemstone and should be bought for that quality.

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