Can green and orange go together? Yes, they can and do so very prettily if the right tones are used as Erica demonstrated with this unique gemstone bracelet she designed.

The green gemstone is Indian bloodstone which has the occasional bright red flecks hence the name. The deep green provides a cool contrast to the warm colour of the orange fibre optic cat's eye beads. The orange though is not Halloween orange but a mellower version which better compliments the green. The cat's eye effect also helps tone down the "heat" of the orange.

Erica also varied the sizes of the round beads and added different types of metal beads to make this truly a one-of-a -kind piece of jewelry.

PS. Erica emailed later "I've received several compliments on my 'green and orange' bracelet (one from a complete stranger on an elevator!)." Way to go, Erica.