Recently, the Signature Cobra cell phone was launched by Vertu , a luxury communications company wholly owned (but independently run) by Nokia. Vertu's luxury cell phones are typically priced from $4,350 to 6,400 but the Signature Cobra will set the buyer back $310,000! Only eight unique pieces have been created to preserve its limited edition status.

Vertu worked with the House of Bucheron, the French jewelry firm to include a pair of diamonds and 439 rubies on the chevron keys and cobra. The bezel is 18-carat rose gold. The eyes of the cobra are actually emeralds.

BUT IS IT GOOD DESIGN? Hardly, because it's not a piece of jewelry and the cellphone function is now compromised. Imagine pressing it against your face to make or take a call - very uncomfortable!

In contrast, Elizabeth Taylor's bejewelled serpent watch bangle made by Bulgari does work as it is first and foremost an artistic and stunning piece of jewelry. The serpent's mouth cleverly opens to reveal the watch. The two functions - decoration and timepiece - meld perfectly together.

Like the bejewelled PC in my earlier post, the jewels are wasted on the Signature Cobra cell phone.



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