Widget's Beads and The Beading Gem are constantly getting in new beads and gemstones - we have to fuel serious bead addictions. Sometimes, we do indulge in the eclectic as shown in these pictures.

The beads on the left are Widget's Beads' and were purchased in Mexico. The pink pear shaped beads are ideal for pendants. The blue ones look even better in real life. The brown beads have large holes so cords can easily go through them. We can't decide if those are mouse or cat beads but definitely fun all the same!

The brown stone beads on the right are Chinese in origin. The wonderful striations and motley effect caught my eye but I'm clueless as to which mineral family this might belong in. But I can see the great possibilities in jewelry designs no matter what it might be called!

These on the left, I do know! Mother of pearl beads are lovely already but these particular ones on the left have been specially AB (aurora borealis) coated to make them even more iridescent. Even by themselves, they are stand-out necklaces. Their irregular shapes put them in the eclectic class.
Hope you will check them all out at the next beading party or workshop!

The Beading Gem's Journal
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