Swarovski crystals are high-end precision faceted lead glass crystals from Austria best known for their use in beautiful jewelry. As they are exceptionally brilliant, they are an inexpensive alternative to real diamonds.

Jewelers use the word parure for a set of ornaments so here they are - a Swarovki studded parure of home gadgets for your home!!

For the woman on the go, a single Swarovski crystal adorns the above multifeatured cell phone from Touchmate. It is really tiny - just 3 cm x 9 cm ! This phone is actually stylish, light and functional unlike the ugly and overpriced gemstone Vertu cell phone that I reviewed earlier in March.

If she is in a rush, she could also dry her hair quickly using the limited edition hairdryer studded with Swarovski crystals from Conair.
But let's not stop there. How about Swarovski crystals in the home office, starting with the PC ? The M677 Crystal Collection PC from MSI has 120 inlayed Swarovski crystals on the lid and the mouse trackpad.
Neiman Marcus, the US store chain is now selling Swarovski crystal encrusted desksets - computer mouse, tape dispenser and stapler in different colours.

For your kitchen, BornRich announced that LC Electronics, the Korean manufacturer is launching their Art Cool collection of appliances which feature floral designs embedded with Swarovski crystals (right). If that is not enough, go for the 7000 Swarovski crstals on the all black Premium Touch Fridge/Freezer from Gorenje, the European manufacturers.

Don't worry if you were to accidentally cut yourself whilst making dinner amongst all those sparkling appliances, the Swarovki band-aids from Charles and Marie lifestyle retailers will fix the boo-boo!

There is more to come. Techshout reported that the electronics company Philips has just signed a deal with the Swarovski company to develop a whole new range of products marrying technology and fashion.

The mind boggles where they will put Swarovski crystals next. I cannot help thinking that there is truth in the expression, "too much of a good thing".

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