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Feature Designer : Tigergirl's Bamboo Tube Pendant necklace

The growing popularity of hand-made jewelry is easy to understand. The designs are unique with that "not made in a factory" look about them. And some designs are rather fun and whimsical which will appeal to those who really want something different.

One such artisan of funky jewelry is Tigergirl, an Aussie designer who lives in Brisbane. Her Oriental floral bamboo tube pendant on a black cord necklace caught my eye because it is so unusual. The painted floral patterns on the tubes have been carefully aligned on the diagonal. The tubes are held together with black wire which echoes the double cord element in her design. See more of her designs on her blog.
The Beading Gem's Journal
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  1. Wow! Thank you for featuring me - you write much better descriptions than me (maybe I should hire you).

  2. My pleasure! And thanks for the comment.


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