These are the longest earrings I have ever come across! They were designed by Erin who loves the drama of big earrings and really enjoyed making earrings from the get-go.

The beads she used are a mixture of seed beads, rice shaped crackle beads and crystal beads. The large round beads with swirls on them not only echo the hoops used at the top of the earrings but unifies the design.

Erin is definitely a beadaholic-in-the-making now that she knows she can design something that cannot be bought - one of a kind earrings to suit her taste. Earrings cannot be seen by the wearer but their movement can be felt, a phenomenon that probably accounts for the popularity of chandelier earrings. Not only can Erin feel them swinging from her ear lobes but she will also feel them touching her shoulders!

Beader design #132
The Beading Gem's Journal
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