Photo by Reta, one of the models pictured above
These three lovely ladies wore traditional Malay bridal costumes at a fashion show in Singapore.

The Malays are an ethnic group with rich cultural traditions located primarily in South East Asia including Singapore where they constitute about 14% of the population. This family not only shared pictures of a real Malay wedding but also explains the ceremony itself.

Malay brides wear various costumes for their wedding. But the brides during the Bersanding ceremony are surely at their most gorgeous when they wear their traditional bridal costumes called kebayas and the sanggul lintang - the bejewelled hair adornment.

Sanggul is the Malay word for chignon or hair knot and lintang means horizontal. The sanggul lintang consists of several pieces assembled in the hairdo in stages. A royal Brunei princess naturally has hers made in gold and decorated with real gemstones.

Malay Wedding ExhibitionMalay Wedding by chooyutshing via Flickr

Malay Bride to beMalay Bride by viroze via Flickr

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