Clyde had never designed his own jewelry before but he took to it like the proverbial duck to water!

Dzi (pronounced "zee") beads are ancient eye beads prized by many Asian cultures as amulets for protection against the evil eye - misfortune caused by the envy of others. Clyde must thus be well protected as he has used four modern day cylindrical Tibetan dzi-style beads with wooden red art beads and tiny shells as accents. A central flat round bead with black swirls and two millefiore cube beads were the focus of his design. The necklace was not strung on cord but extra long black bugle beads were used to separate the larger beads.

Clyde patiently worked on his design until he got the way he liked it. He even named his creation, "Simply Beautiful" and it is.

Beader Design #135