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Other than the bank, where would you store your jewelry? In your jewelry box? Tucked inside your underwear drawer? Hidden under the bed? Behind that loose brick in the fireplace or under a loose floorboard?

If it all sounds familiar, you can bet that those would be the first places a burglar would check. But it's not likely that thieves would think of looking in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator let alone notice this realistic looking lettuce safe with a hidden compartment for small valuables like expensive jewelry. Even if they did look into your fridge, it's a "safe" bet that they will make off with the beer first and ignore the veggies!!

Available from Bim Bam Banana for $49.

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  1. That looks so much like the real McCoy hope the burglar doesn't get hungry and decide to make himself a salad lol.

  2. Now that takes the cake! errr I mean lettuce! LOL Nice blog I saw you thru Jean...:)

  3. Love this idea, but the lettuce is sold out! Apparently it was so popular, the price has gone up to $99.00 LOL


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