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Baltic Amber Cabochon Pendant Necklace

Feature Designer

Szarka is a 16 year wire-twisting veteran who deeply appreciates the gemstones she uses. She confesses to fondling gems and lets each piece dictate how the design unfolds rather than the other way around. Mother Nature is her muse. Szarka hopes each design is a work of art and they are indeed.

Her designs are gorgeous. No wonder I had the near impossible task of trying to select the one design that speaks most about this artisan. In the end, I chose her Baltic amber cabochon because, it shows her skill at wire jewelry making and her unerring eye for unusual focal beads. The amber had been cleverly carved to showcase flowers against a black background created by burning the amber from behind. Szarka emphasised the garden theme further with turquoise rondelles.

This is but one design among many. Her sampling of her latest collection for the season shows her versatility as an artisan. She may call it wire twisting but this pendant in a piece she aptly calls Kaos shows her technical skill in turning wire into cascades down one side of the pendant. Another collection of her work features a lovely carnelian necklace - Szarka loves carnelian as do many people.

Tempted? Go do some serious drooling on her blog.

Picture with kind permission from Szarka.

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  1. Christine O HaganApril 12, 2011 at 3:07 AM

    This lady is gifted alright. The gold wirework with the colours in the pendant are beautiful. I have just started making jewellery and it will take years before I get to this level. I love it and she has inspired me to invest some time in learning how to work with wire. I would love to wear this piece it would go so well with my colour as I have auburn hair.


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