Those of us who choose to make jewelry do it for a variety of reasons. Designing one-of-a-kind jewelry for ourselves or for others because we enjoy it has to be the top reason. A fondness for beads to near addiction levels also spurs on designers. Many go on to sell their beautiful work and thereby earn if not a living, a little extra on the side.

But Graham has a unique incentive. He designs virtually all for his lucky wife in order to buy himself "credit" so he can go off to enjoy HIS passion, model railways! The miniature scaled hobby explains why Graham is adept with the smaller tools and materials.

Graham picked large bronzite tiles for this necklace and bracelet set. Copper-framed black window beads and bronze potato pearls complimented the colours found in the gemstone tiles. But for contrast, he chose yellow picasso beads and red glass beads. His wife loves what he makes. I am sure, this set bought Graham double credits!

Beader Design #: 208
The Beading Gem's Journal
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