Feature Designer

Tamara Jans is the designer behind Freya's Jewels, a local artisan whom I came to know after I first "bumped" into her sister on a jewelry making forum. And they both live right in this province! Go figure.

This lovely carnelian gemstone necklace is graced with a gorgeous sunburst pendant. I agree with Tamara that the freshwater pearls added a dramatic contrast to the rich colour of the carnelian. She also used fine Karen Hill Tribe silver beads for the main part of the necklace. She explained on her website that this Thai hill tribe was first introduced to silversmithing by the Thai King and Queen some fifty years ago to replace their previous livelihood - growing opium. The Karen are now well known for their distinctive decorative metal designs containing 97% silver, more than sterling silver (92.5% silver).

Her choice of her jewelry business name is delightfully inspired for Freya is the Norse goddess of beauty, love, fertility and destiny. According to the myths, she coveted a famous necklace called the Brisingamen made by four dwarfs. She paid their "asking price" to get it. This treasured necklace gave Freya the Beautiful magical powers making her irresistibly charming whenever she wore it!

Photo with kind permission from Tamara. More Freya's Jewels designs can be seen on her website. For those of you living here or visiting our beautiful Nova Scotian South Shore be sure to check out the Village Emporium in Chester next time you go there.