Noreen bought this hand-crafted necklace when she was on vacation in Mexico. It is a design of contrast - the black hematite cubes complimenting the pale creamy freshwater pearls. She really wanted earrings to match. Fortunately we were able to get very close. The spacing seed beads and hematite cubes were identical - only the freshwater pearls were different, rounder rather than oval. But no one would really notice for the earrings will dangle prettily from her ears and not close to her necklace.

Noreen was kind enough to share a couple of her holiday photos showing the children of the stall owner where she bought her necklace, happily beading away. The second photo of their Mayan mother at her stall reminds us that exotic holidays are a great opportunity to stock up on your bead stash!

Beader Design # 193
The Beading Gem's Journal
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