Melissa struck me as someone who is comfortable with who she is and is confident of her eclectic sense of style.

She had previously favoured long rope necklaces doubled up. But at her first beading session, she decided that it was time to change to shorter "princess" length (~18") necklaces. She created these two necklaces with the option of wearing both of them together.

Melissa chose peridot green pearls to go with flat round beads and white seed beads for the upper necklace. The green baroque brick pearls and glass beads used for the other necklace shows her flair for mixing colours - blue, green, rust and white all going together. Note her asymmetric use of the rust-coloured bicones. Not many beaders try this uneven trick. It can make a design less ordinary and speaks volumes of the designer's eclectic taste.

Beader Design # : 204
The Beading Gem's Journal
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