Bonnie is an experienced jewelry designer who has done many lovely pieces. She created this all tiger eye gemstone necklace using round beads in two different sizes with subtle touches of gold tone beads here and there, highlighting the donut in particular.

This is a creative hobby so it is fun to see what other designers do when presented with the same task : how do you attach a donut gemstone? Many people use cord or bead with tiny seed beads in order to get the loop through the hole. Bonnie shows you can do it too with smaller gemstones. To determine how long a section you need to make this loop, just start beading this part first and check the loop with the donut. Once you are satisfied you've cleared the donut, continue on with the larger beads.

Beader Design #: 237

Learn more about Tiger Eye
My previous post "In the Eye of the Tiger" tells more about this gemstone and other variants such as tiger iron. One of my favourite gemstones is the hard to come by Australian Marra Mamba tiger eye. Each piece is a work of art. Check out the Silverhawk's Designer Gemstones website to see some exquisite examples.