Cindi had designed a necklace once before. So she was ready to try something new.

Illusion necklaces are so called because they give the impression of floating beads. Often, fishing line is used but Cindi designed her necklace on beading wire. The funky choice of cube beads and faceted crystal beads were secured in place by crimp beads on either side. If you need instructions, the Beadage website has a good tutorial on how to make an illusion necklace.

What made Cindi's necklace different from other illusion necklaces was her choice of a large round moss agate wafer focal. The gemstone was a deep tan colour with the characteristic dark green feathering pattern which explains the name "moss" for this agate. Cindi chose to suspend the agate from a sliding bail.

Beads were from Widgets' Beads' Collection.

Beader Design #: 241