This sunny and cheerful set on the left was created by Chris who is drawn to yellow. Chris loves wearing black so this set is a stand-out and sure to brighten many a wintry day!

She rather liked the rectangular painted porcelain beads and used them strategically placed around her necklace. Interestingly, Chris did not choose a contrast colour. She went with lots of round, orange fibre optic cat's eye beads. The little yellow flower brass beads picked up on the floral decoration of the porcelain beads. As the porcelain beads were so large, she wisely omitted those for her matching bracelet and hoop earrings.

Beader Design# : 243

Colour Theory Basics in Jewelry Designs
Trying to find harmonious colours is perennial challenge for designers in many fields - make-up, paints and home decor, commercial art, fashion design, fabric design, quilting and of course jewelry designs. There are very complex theories on what works and what doesn't.

Some basic tips includes the use of similar colours as Chris has done with her design. On the classic colour wheel, these analogous colours are found next to each other. Complementary colours, such as green and purple are found opposite to each other. Another way to express this opposite harmony is warm vs. cool. A particular colour can also look very different depending on what you choose to go with it. For example Erica's design paired the same orange cat's eye beads with a dark green gemstone called Indian Bloodstone.

For a mercifully brief overview of colour theory, check out this website.