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Jennifer Miller is the lamp work artist behind Beadguiling Designs, a perfect name for the beautiful beads she makes. Jennifer is still in the process of launching her business. Her gallery pictures on her new website show drop dead gorgeous beads many jewelry artisans will love to get their hands on. Jennifer is not afraid to 'fess up to her mistakes but such is her skill, even her "beads gone bad" are still beading possibilities.

Her eye for colour is unerring. Take this funky bracelet design for example. The colour combination was not her personal preference but she has grown to like it. I do too. Purple, red, green and orange can all be made to go together. What worked is the proportion and tones of each colour - the green is muted, light and minimally used. Purple was used as the linking colour as it appears most often. Red and orange gave the colour punches here and there.

She is also the first bead artist I know who admits she detests her lamp work bead chores which she illustrated in her blog post here. I'll never complain about picking up dropped beads again!

Perhaps in a while, when her business starts taking off, Jennifer will get a studio of her dreams instead of a little corner in her garage and all the organized storage she could want. Somehow, I think she will.
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