Stressed out with your Christmas shopping and preparations? Don't be. Just flush all your cares away with this unusual use of our favourite crystal beads. Okay, maybe a little smile?

Swarovski crystals are the finest cut crystal beads we can have to create gorgeous adornments. Apparently, other designers concur. It has become fashionable to add crystals or even real gemstones on just about anything.

I thought I had already covered all the things that could be covered in crystals when I blogged about Swarovskis Everywhere in the Home. Evidently, I was wrong!

This $75,000 toilet (Isis Collection) by Jemal Wright Bath Designs is covered with Swarovski crystals in a variety of sizes and shapes and in 40 different colours. The designer also has a matching sink and is planning a tub for the spring.
Any takers?

Via Gadgets Reviews and Bornrich.Org

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