Feature Designer

Bernadine Stoopman, an Australian jewelry artisan, is a master or rather, mistress of free form wire work. Wire and jewelry designs are her passions and it shows. Her skillful twisting and weaving of wire by hand results in unique and exquisite free form or abstract designs not held together by glue or solder. Wire in her hands truly becomes art. (In my hands, chicken wire perhaps.)

Bernadine has won numerous accolades at jewelry competitions - one recent top win was at the 2007 Sydney Bead Extravaganza Competition. You may also have noticed her designs, as I did in jewelry magazines published in both the US and Australia.

What caught my eye were her cuff bracelet with amethyst beads woven in the design and her spectacular tiaras. No prizes for guessing Bernadine also specialises in bridal jewelry and hair accessories. Her bridal website's gallery showcases her amazing designs. Besides the Mermaid's Tiara shown here, she also created the spectacular Argyra's Crown and Copper for Cleopatra with Swarovski crystals, both award winning designs. But the design which speaks most about our common interests is her Medieval Queen tiara. Bernadine loves ancient history and names her tiaras so they evoke the aura of past civilisations.

She also writes a blog appropriately called Hooked on Wire. Find her on metalchasers.com.

Photos with kind permission from Bernadine.