Today marks the first anniversary of my foray into the blogging world. As a way of celebrating the occasion, I am launching a new blog design.

More colour, more space and a more upbeat look. Many thanks for the majority thumbs up for this design from those I asked. So here is a quick round up of the blog elements including all the changes I made. There may be more you haven't noticed before. Subscribers - please click on the post to check out the new look. I hope you'll like it.

Blog Template

I wish I could say I did it all but making it happen required the combined talents of other people. The original template design by Blogs Gone Wild's se7en was customized to suit as was the Life of Tulip picture by Malcolm Romain. Diamonds and titles were added by my talented daughter who is a whiz on Adobe Photoshop. The most noticeable format difference is in the centralised blog posts. The font and other design features should also make reading easier.

"Jewelry Expressions in Bloom"

The slogan really says it all for this blog - a tribute to the many artisans both beginner and professional whose inspirational "blossoms" we have come to admire. The growing diamonds picture is the visual representation of the potential growth we all have as jewelry designers and jewelry blog writers. Although it is no longer part of the main design, it remains on the home page due to the feedback I received.


Like real life women who change their assessories to suit their clothes, the blog redesign necessitated a change of my avatar's clothes and background! For those who wish to make their own avatar, I recommend Find out more and have a laugh at the familiar looking diva on my past post Bling your Avatar.

Navigation tabs

The navigation tabs at the top not only include the usual gang but also "How to Search" and "How to Subscribe" for explanations and another quick link to Gemstone Place Names.

Jewelry Making Resources

The sidebars include recommended books. Need a book suggestion or not sure about a book? Click on the free link for myLibrary to get to my constantly updated catalogue list of jewelry making books as well as general books I read specifically for this blog. Click on the index card icon to see my review. Don't take my word for it. See what the other reviewers said. about. LibraryThing is a free service (first 200 books, then $10/yr or $25 for life).
Check out the Su Tree widget for free jewelry videos to watch.
Peruse my blog roll and my Stumbleupon page of my favourite blogs and websites.

Past Post Hubs

To make searching easier, I have created past post hubs so readers can quickly click on the links under Jewelry Making Tips, Biographical, Historical, Cultural, Archaeological, Rare Gemstones, Cool Gemstone Facts and Gem Trivia for articles which capture your attention. Gemstone Place Names on Squidoo also clusters past blog posts but by the colour of gemstones.

Ask me a Question
I have kept the chatbox in case any one has a burning question to ask and wishes to share the conversation. Otherwise, email works too. I always love hearing from you.


I've closed the polls for lack of space. Necklaces and bracelets tied for top spot as the most favourite to wear, followed by earrings. Rings and brooches were way at the bottom.

So please do explore and check out my new digs. Onward to another year of inspirational jewelry designs and interesting facts about beads, gemstones and the people who make and wear jewelry.