Picasso beads are a variation of the ever popular window beads. Like the previous design, the clear or colour tinted glass bead is framed but with a clever abstract patterning on the edging thus giving these beads its picasso moniker.

Picasso beads are attractive so I am never surprised when designers home in on them. Deidry, the designer of the bracelet did two things to highlight these pretty beads in her design. First she used them exclusively as main beads and secondly, only in a single hue. Their similar colour will collectively draw any eye to her arm candy. Small seed beads in blue and copper acted as spacers.

Their size are ideal for earrings as Louise, the other designer found. Louise used brown picasso beads, playing up on the arty look with tiny wire scrolls at the bottom. The silver lined seed beads separate the picasso beads from the dark brown crystal beads above. This element nicely ties in the silver with the dark elements of her design.

Beader design #: 249 and 250
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