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Emma is an Aussie currently living in England and is a master beadweaving artisan whose website is called Glitter Glow Beading (no longer available). She also tackles other jewelry techniques but her beadweaving skills show how beautiful designs can be using just seed beads.

Besides this stunning intricate beadwoven necklace, I also liked the Slinky Chain bracelet she made with metallic silver cube beads from a design in Diane Fitzgerald's book on Zulu bead work. It is strung on a metal core. Her blog post on herringbone or Ndebele stitch is another celebration of of this well known African bead stitch. As with many artisans I have found, choosing which design to feature is a daunting task. So I recommend checking out her design gallery to really see her versatility.

Emma has generously shared a HUGE number of good free tutorials she found on her link page - and not just bead weaving, but wire wrapping, bead knitting and crochet, chain maille and so forth. This must have been collected over a long time.

Emma also has a Squidoo lens called "Learn Beadwork". Many people have been puzzled by the difference between lens, blogs and websites - Emma as you can see, has all three. One Squidoo lensmaster explains it best : "A lens is the signpost, a blog a journey and a website is the destination." Emma, as do I, use lenses to showcase our past posts or other material differently (besides providing resources) from our blogs. Hers conveniently groups tutorials for all the popular bead weaving stitches by type such as netting, peyote, brick, herringbone, square and right angle weave.

Picture with kind permission from Emma.

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