One reader emailed me to ask a question. She also, as an aside asked "How come I don't see any of YOUR jewelry designs" on your blog. Point taken.

In one whole year of blogging, I have posted only a few of my designs on the blog in the past, choosing to focus on other designs. But this necklace of mine is worthy of a post because there is a little tale to it and fits in with this week's theme of recycled jewelry.

My mother gave me this pale green graduated jade bead necklace. But it languished at the bottom of my jewelry box, because I thought it b-o-r-i-n-g. In order to make it more appealing, I eventually took it apart and mixed in some carnelian gemstone and round bone rings. The necklace was transformed into something I would wear. The green jade cooled down the orange-brown colour of carnelian, a gemstone which doesn't usually suit my complexion. Thus it allowed me to wear carnelian for the first time. There was also enough left over to make a pair of bonus earrings!

What surprised me was how much other people liked it every time I wore it. So I encourage everyone to take a closer look at jewelry worthy of a revamp perhaps with the introduction of other beads. And when you get tired of the style, take it apart again for a redesign.

Beader Design #: 253
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