Anne has difficulty with earrings because the metal irritates her ears after only a few hours of wear. She wasn't sure if she could tolerate sterling silver either. So niobium earrings were the way to go for people like her.

She spotted these gorgeous foil beads from Widget's Beads' collection. By adding some pewter beads and round grey crackle beads, she designed herself a really classy pair of earrings. I love the quirky touch - the main beads were orientated differently.

The neutral tones of this design went well with the natural grey of the niobium earwires. Niobium or columbium is a rare metal which has a very useful property - it is physiologically inert thus making it hypoallergenic. So they are ideal for jewelry applications and for medical devices such as heart pacemakers.

Beader Design #: 258
The Beading Gem's Journal
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