Carol is a seasoned earring designer. Usually she designs just straight dangles. But in a burst of inspiration, she tried beadweaving instead at a recent workshop.

This design combine two types of gemstones and pink fibre optic cat's eye beads. She used two sizes of round hematite beads. The chunky two-holed gemstone in the middle are rose quartz beads. The half a disc shapes of the rose quartz not clear from the photo.

The threads were knotted and glued around a seed bead and hidden in the sterling silver clamshells. It really didn't matter what colour the Fireline thread was in this case but if you do mind the dark grey colour, Fireline now has the crystal/clear version. I just picked up some 8lb type from the fishing department of my local Walmart - all 114 metres worth for just over $20!

Beader Design #:286
The Beading Gem's Journal
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