Ok. I confess one of the advantages of teaching beading design is what beginners sometimes teach ME.

Helen is one who did with her brecciated jasper and rhodonite necklace. The lovely reddish hues of brecciated jasper make this gemstone the only brown coloured one I can wear. Other earthy coloured gemstones just make me look insipid. However, I would never ever have considered combining it with pink rhodonite as Helen did.

Her pretty necklace sported round brecciated jasper gemstones in two sizes whilst the rhodonite was rice shaped. If you look closely at brecciated jasper, it has cracks which are filled in gray material. When the cementing material is opal, the gemstone is then called opal jasper.

Take note that sometimes the name of the jasper denotes where it comes from. Stone Canyon jasper is brecciated jasper from - no prizes for guessing - Stone Canyon near San Miguel in California. For more jasper names, check out the list on this website from minerals.net.

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