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Who would have thought the use of metal rings forged in the past for war, in jewelry today would be delicate things of beauty?

Miachelle DePiano hails from Arizona, USA who makes truly inspirational chain maille jewelry. She is the successful designer behind Cosmopolitan Accessories, marketing her creations in several places in her home state.

She makes chain maille jewelry like no other artisan. As she says herself, she "dares to be bold". All her designs are striking and refreshingly original. I had a hard time trying to pick the one design that best represents her unique talent.

If you missed her comment on my introductory chain maille article yesterday, here is what she said :

"I love making chain maille. I love the feel of the weave, and really, I don't view chain maille as the medieval armor and clothing so many people associate with it. I view it as simply a member of the chain family, of which so many styles of chains are made. It's just that centuries ago some people realized it could be used for other purposes. As a designer specializing in chain maille, I view my challenge as one of making chain maille modern and sometimes edgy. While I admire those who make the more traditional types of chain maille artifacts and jewelry, I want to take it up a notch and make it more publicly popular. I don't know if I'm succeeding, but hopefully I am."

She most certainly IS. Miachelle called this design "Chainge" which shows her technical skill with the European 4 in 1 weave using anodized aluminium rings. The polymer clay medallion was created by Amy Fraser of Exalted Beauty. What sets Miachelle's work apart is the added layer of complexity to her designs. In this case, she used areas of different coloured rings -a dark bronze, gold and silver colours which merge softly into each other.

I am therefore not at all suprised to learn her design(s) will appear in the June 2008 issue of the Bead&Button magazine. She deserves a wider recognition for her work. Until then, you can drool over every single one of her designs (I confess I did) at her metalchasers.com gallery. Picture with kind permission from Miachelle.

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