Lee rather liked my purple funky earrings on the left which I called "Comet" for obvious reasons. She wanted to incorporate the spiral elements in her design. It got a little tricky as she couldn't quite get the design to the way she wanted. But patience always pays off in the end. She did get those spirals into her design at the bottom, forgoing the long tail as it would have made the earrings too long for her taste.

The astronomy theme also came about from the spiral bound beads which surely reminds one of Saturn's rings (sort of). Saturn is my favourite planet because it is beautiful to look at. At least Saturn is still a planet although the Solar System count is now down to eight from nine. A couple of years ago, my teenaged kids were dismayed when the International Astronomical Union voted to remove Pluto's planetary status. One of them remarked with disgust, "Well, grade 2 was total a waste of time!"

They weren't alone in their reaction to Pluto's downgrade to dwarf planet. Many adults too were taken aback. But it had to be for with better telescopes more objects the size of Pluto (one is even larger) have been discovered. So stricter definitions of planets were needed otherwise textbooks would be listing 50 or more planets in our Solar System.

Beader Design# : 279-280

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