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Colour Combinations to Consider

Part 2 of 3

Yesterday's post garnered comments from designers who just love colour! Decors (Corra) uses the colour wheel before and also after the project to check if the contrast colours for her picture backgrounds will work. What a nifty tip!

Diana, being a web designer, highly recommends two websites -'s article on colour schemes and particularly You might, as she has, start looking at things a whole new way.

Both Diana and Bette Jo are inspired by nature and things around them. I am not surprised because blue and green for example, are such natural, restful colours. Think of the ever-changing blue-green hues of the sea. Or the green fields meeting the blue sky in the horizon. There is also blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) but we won't go there!

Sharon, who has an artistic eye for colour, used both colours in this pictured necklace design. Her jumping off point was the lovely rectangular blue-green millefiore bead. She used quite a number of metallic beads to space out both the blues and the greens.

Let's also not forget this colour combination in gemstones. Try sodalite or lapis lazuli with green aventurine.

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  1. Color combos are one of these artists tricks...first you must learn the rules of use, then learn how to break them to best affect! For instance, blue and green. My mom always said they don't go together...but obviously you'd miss out on some great creations if you always followed that rule!


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