Hoops are great findings not just for earrings but also for pendants. Here are two types of hoops that can be used. Anne created the earrings on the left using irregular pink mother of pearl (MOP) shell beads. The attachment for the dangle to the upper part of the hoop is already provided. The MOP beads were long enough to almost rest on the hoop itself which I quite liked as it suggests they were attached to the hoop which they were not.

Cathy used more substantial metal hoops which have drilled holes. These hoops have been popular at our workshops. You can see why because beads can easily be attached above, below and within the hoops, creating all sorts of design possibilities.

If you are itching to try some wire work, check out Ruby's tutorial on how to make wired hoops yourself and decorate it with beads using wire. Her tutorial is for a pendant but it can also be attached to jump rings and then onto earring findings. She also has other great tutorials on this page. I just love her nickname for it reminds me of my name!

Beader designs #: 305-306
The Beading Gem's Journal
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