Debbie and I had a blast recently when a local Red Hat Society group, "The Ladies of the Lake", booked a private workshop with us. The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm's Tea Room was awash with red hats, red sweaters and a red and purple feather boa or two. These ladies were warm, friendly and enthusiastic - a credit to their organisation.

The Red Hatters breezed in, a number of them already sporting jewelry in their signature colours - red and purple. But of course, one always needs MORE. Finding red and purple jewelry must be quite difficult....unless you make your own. So a couple of them decided to create new earrings in time for their next social gathering.

Joan insisted she is not very artistic but she managed to pull off this very dangly chandelier earrings featuring round red and purple seed beads. Jennifer on the other hand, preferred a simpler dangle style mixing red Czech faceted beads with purple beads decorated with swirls. Two very different designs but then Red Hatters love it when all things are fun and different!

Beader Designs #: 299-300
The Beading Gem's Journal