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How to Contact the Beading Gem

I am always delighted when someone contacts me either via email or on my blog. Who wouldn't be? There are 5 ways to get my attention :

1. Email
beadinggem {at} yahoo dot ca

2. Post comments
 By clicking on COMMENT , you will be able to read comments others may have left and if you are inspired, add your own. Your email is required (or Google account if you have one) to make sure you're a real person but it is never displayed.  Or chose the Name/URL profile . Add your store or blog URL. Leave blank if you don't have one.

3. Twitter

4. Facebook

Talk to you soon?
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  1. I thank you for coming and following my blog. It is in the new stage yet. It is only about three weeks old and I am getting things going. Please stop in and leave comment we love them you know.. I want honest feed back,, thank you Marla

  2. Hi Pearl,

    Thank you so much for including me in the Lemonade Award! That was such a treat. I have a blog post about it that will go up on Wed. Feb 4th.

    I am grateful for this network of creative, like minded people.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Take care,

  3. I love your blog! I added it to my blogroll a few months ago and I never miss a post.

    Are you on Twitter? I'd love to follow your tweets if you are...


  4. Yes, I am on Twitter too -

  5. Hi Pearl,

    Would love to see more posts about beads and beading. Thanks!


  6. Hi Dara,
    I will do my best to include more posts! It's a tough balance to maintain different types of posts for a varied readership. Not all readers are into beadwork. Some are chain maille artisans, others wire work and there are readers who don't even do handmade jewelry!

  7. hello, i would like to purchase some bead work, however i have failed to get your physical address please help. thank you

  8. Hi Pearl -
    As you know I'm a big fan of your awesome blog/website. On one of my visits I was browsing around and came across a post you did on making beaded crosses or crucifixes. I really should have bookmarked it but didn't and now I can't seem to locate it. I would appreciate it if you could send me the link to this article. You can reach me through my etsy shop contact link at
    Thanking you in advance.
    Kindest regards,

  9. hello...i was wondering how much is for the snake cuff me at ..thankyou

  10. Years ago I found some picture postcards of Florence and still look longingly at them. Good luck to Tim and Lily in their very nice store.
    Good post.


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