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I first came across Lisa Clarke, an American artisan who describes herself as polymer clay-afflicted, through her blog. She has been "suffering" from this condition since 1995 when her husband bought her a Klutz Press children's Book by Sherri Haab which came with small bars of Sculpey III.

From that humble start, her passion has grown not only to a creative business but also one that sells books and videos on claywork. You can check out the various aspects of Polka Dot Creations here. Lisa's online presence is amazingly extensive. Check out where you can find her here.

Her Etsy store, Polka Dot Creations, sells limited edition fabric-inspired adornments including buttons and jewelry. Her love of designer fabrics have inspired her to create coordinating assessories to match. Her distinctive multi-craft approach not only includes sewing but she also incorporates the millefiore style of glass making in her polymer clay designs. She custom mixes the colours to match the materials she loves by popular fabric designers such as Heather Bailey.

Her Carnival earrings shown above goes so well with Alexander Henry's Birdseed fabric. The donut like beads spin freely on her own specially designed sterling silver ear wires. Her jewelry range also includes silver framed pendants (below left) which show off her millefiori style so well. I also appreciated her flair for colour and placement when designing her jewelry booth. You can see her jewelry display on her photos in this post.

Lisa's work is so inspiring I have decided to keep an old but still serviceable toaster oven for polymer clay work (best to dedicate an oven for this).

If you would like to make your own beads and lampworking is not for you, then perhaps polymer clay is the way to go. To see if you are up to exploring more of this technique, check out this free video, How to make polymer clay beads by Rochelle Dahl from Vancouver Island, Canada.

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