Spring Action 
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I am often awed when I come across some jewelry artisans whose work transcends into art. Such an artisan is Gordon K. Uyehara who is a freelance artist and designer from Honolulu, Hawaii.

He has won a number of jewelry design contest prizes and has participated in many juried exhibitions including those at international level. This should surprise no one. His website and his art work are truly outstanding. Every single design is so good, I recommend a long stroll through his website gallery.
Gordon graduated from the University of Hawaii with a science degree. Many of his designs show his early training and inspiration from science and nature. His design called Ancient Life reminds me of a chambered nautilus, a type of shellfish which biologists call a living fossil because it hasn't changed/evolved for millions of years.

I also agree with Gordon - veggie-eating dinosaurs are boring! His collection of garden inspired creations are also delightful.

I first came across his Invasive Species design (shown at top) on his his metalchasers site  (now Jewelrygeeks.com) where he is known as metalclay4u. The brooch picture garnered a lot of admiring comments. In fact, the design did remind me cheerfully of the spring to come because I, after a long winter, will be glad to see real slugs too!

Gordon is a Senior Art Clay Silver instructor who gives workshops at the local level as well as some off-island ones. I do wish I could take some of his classes for I am positive he is a good teacher. How do I know that? On his website, he has a quotation :

"A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence."- Bruce Lee

It is a telling statement for a teacher must guide and encourage his/her pupils' own growth and individual style. It is something I try to do at each of our workshops too.

If you want to "spring into action" with metal clay and cannot get to Gordon's classes, he has links on metal clay silver here and he also has generously listed some tips. You can also check out some other links from my previous post.

Mahalo, Gordon for your kind permission to use the fabulous photos. I wish you pomaika'i in all your future endeavors.
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