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I have come across many, many talented wire work artisans who produce some lovely work. But when I stumbled upon this piece by Donna Spadafore (Ohio, USA) of Gailavira Jewelry, my jaw dropped. You can see more shots of this extraordinary design on her Etsy store.

"Memories" was made from an oxidised sterling silver frame surrounding several gemstone nuggets - cloudy aquamarine, watermelon tourmaline as well as some small labradorite rondelles. The focal piece measures 5 1/2 inches by 2 inches. Even the matching earrings are awe - inspiring.

Many of her designs are distinctive and show her great skill at turning wire. Her specialty seems to be pendants. Some of my favourites include her rose quartz and amethyst silver butterfly pendant and her copper and lepidolite pendant. Of all the crosses I've seen, her Divinity cross is a study in simplicity made from oxidised silver and just one single rutilated quartz bead in the center. It reminds me of eye beads the way it is made. Great protection!

Donna learnt her craft early, beginning as a teenager and working initially with seed beads. She now works exclusively with wire. The result of a lot of wire working experience is plain to see here. You can keep track of what she is up to on her blog. She has also completed her first tutorial.

Photos with kind permission from Donna.

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